Saturday, 14 November 2015

Throwing A Sickie

I've had a few days off from betting as I have been really ill (man flu) but back today as normal I have tried to not look at any results as you can always guarantee when you don't place bets there are winners to be misses as a whole don't know too many results one result that was a blow was a email from Overpriced Tipster landing a back to back winner which was a real kick in the teeth after there poor run of form but nothing I can do.

There is one change going forward as well I have decided to stop following the bets from Sporting Life Football there are a couple of reasons one is the time to place some of there bets aren't always great for me and also sometime struggling to get the odds the advice can be a struggle as they use every bookmaker known to man so going to remove the service for now.

Be back in the morning with a full update on Saturdays results

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Lossing Days Keep Comming

Monday and Tuesday both threw in a loss making it five losing days on the bounce its funny how when we are losing we pay a lot more attention to these type of things and think where cursed or something but when we hit winning runs never give it a thought...

Betting Portal had a couple of poor days losing a total of 14.50 points as did Longshot losing an additional 6 points, Short But Sweet had a win and a loss with a overall profit of 1.10 points

My Lays on Racing Post Nap continue to be profitable but there is a winner due very shortly i'm sure either way I will continue to lay there bets and hopefully keep making money

Overpriced Tipster is on a bad run at the moment with a 15 bet losing streak a few bets went close but ultimately there is no profit for second place I am hopeful of a turnaround and to be fair more often than not there is only one bet a day so its not the worst losing run I have ever seen by a tipster

Odds Checker had a good day on Monday with a 6 point profit but made a 2 point loss on Tuesday

Lucrative Racing had one bet on Monday and Tuesday but both bets had no returns

Mondays Bets
Click On Picture For a Clear View

Tuesdays Bets
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Monday & Tuesdays totals
Betting Portal UK -£72.50
Longshot -£30
Short But Sweet +£12
Racing Post Nap +£19
Overpriced Tipster -£10
Rollover Bets -£10
Odds Checker +£25
Lucrative Racing -£20
Total -£86.50

Sundays Roundup

The week as a whole has been a tough one after a good start to the week Monday and Tuesday things then took a turn for the worse with the exception of Thursday the rest of the week through in losing days and in the end the week ended in the red with a total loss of £138.60

A couple of tipsters are still miss firing and my golf bets are doing a fair bit of damage each week as well my football bets overall are doing well now and continued again on sunday with a 21/1 winner with Crystal Palace beating Liverpool 2-1 the only thing I am partly  frustrated with was I only bet half a point

Sundays Bets
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Sundays Totals
Racing Post Nap +£9.50
Sporting Life +£7.50
Overpriced Tipster -£5
Rollover Bets -£5
Odds Checker +£1
My bets +£49.75
Four Golf -£105
Total -£47.25
Total For Week -£138.60

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Just two

Well a frustrating day with only two winning bets from twenty one bets Sporting life found one winner while Racing post nap has done me proud again finding another losing bet which I layed, it wasn't even a day of near misses most bets wasn't even in contention really so just a day you got to quickly forget about and move on.

There are also still a few bets from Sporting Life but as I did the post I was still waiting on results so will just add them to tomorrows bets

Saturdays Bets
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Saturdays Totals
Betting Portal -£40
Short But Sweet -£10
Racing Post Nap +£9.5
Sporting Life +£14.50
Overpriced tipster -£5
Rollover Bets -£5
Longshot -£10
Odds Checker -£27.50
My Bets -£30
Lucrative Racing -£10
Total -£113.50
Total For Week -£91.35

Friday, 6 November 2015

Up And Down

Its been a very up and down week so far and Thursday and Friday was no different with Thursday making a profit then Friday wiping it straight back out, Its been a hectic couple of days so just going to keep it short today and post the results will be back Sunday with all Saturdays results

Thursdays Bets

Friday Bets

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Not Much To Shout About

Wednesday turned into a bad old day with only three winning bets out of twenty one leaving a dent in the bank of £100.50, the week is still in profit but most of the good progress made Monday and Tuesday was undone with these results.

Wednesdays Bets
Click On Picture For Clear View
As you can see above not much to shout about Betting Portal got a winner with Sykes 9/4 amd Odds Checker got a winner with Estidraak 5/4 the only other winner come from my lay bet on the Racing Post Nap Storm Rock at odds of 4.10
Wednesdays Total
Betting Portal UK -£57.50
Longshot -£15
Short But Sweet -£10
Racing Post Nap +£9.50
Odds Checker -£7.50
Lucrative Racing -£10
Total -£100.50

Total for Week +£25.25

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Review

October turned out to be a great month most of the profit come in the first 19 days then it was a very up and down 12 days as you can see below on the 19th October I had accumulated a profit of £1034 fast forward a week and I was down to £773 and by the end of the month was down to £664 in this month alone it shows how quickly profit can come and go and keeping a long term aim in focus is key:

I think its easy to focus on the losses over the last 12 days with some people very quick to point out I lost £389 in twelve days my point of view is I made £664 over 31 days and £951 over the last two month. I know one thing is certain I wont make profit every day, every week or even every month and there will certainly be many ups and downs but if I can remain focused on the long term I am confident I can make a regular profit.
Tipster Table
Above I have done a tipster table for the month so we can quickly identify who is in in form and who isn't below I will go into further detail about each tipster the table is in order of most points won/lost over the month not £££s
**please note these results are based on my bets placed there are some instances bets haven't been placed, poor odds have been achieved for what ever reason I have changed the way I follow a tipster for example just back to win not e/w etc
Betting Portal UK
To kick things off I will start with Betting Portal UK another fantastic month in October racking in a 37.32 point profit and at £5 per point that gave me a £186.60 profit. There was highs and lows through out the month as you can see from the graph below 

The highlight of the month for me was on the 10th October when Gamlar 33/1 went on to win

Rollover Bets
Was very much a new idea coming into the month and I am pretty certain many people will disagree with my strategy but sometimes you have to try things out and see what happens anyone unsure what the Rollover bet is please read below for full explanation:

So does it work?

As you can see above a profit was made and a very good profit in my opinion with a 33 point profit made in the opening month I am very happy what's even more pleasing is Overpriced Tipster actually had a poor month by there standards and I actually recorded a small loss with them...
All the profit for the month came after Olivers Gold 9/1 won followed by Regulation 5/1 that was enough to secure a £170 profit for the month.
My Football Bets
Well a massive turnaround was required after the losses made throughout September and I couldn't of wished for a better month landing a 27.48point profit

The big two winners for the month was £20 on England 3-0 @ 9.8 and £10 on Arsenal @ 14.5 both results was massive in terms of confidence and profits. 

Is in some ways similar to Rollover Bets and again am pretty sure people will disagree with my methods but results will speak for themselves:

Incase you don't know how I pick the Longshot qualifying bets here is a picture of a previous post to explain:

All in all there was 26 bets which resulted in a 25 Point profit so very pleased for the month
Odds Checker
It turned into a very bumpy ride throughout October with many ups and downs but come the end of the month another 19.26 Point profit and not to forget this is a completely free tipster

Highlight of the month was a £20 winning bet on Lahayes 7/1 which resulted in a 25.20 point profit
Lucrative Racing
I only started following the service from the 19th of the month but that didn't prevent them having a good month with winners from Dark Spirit 8/1, Card High 7/1 and Moonrise Landing 13/1 all of which resulted in a  19 Point profit


Racing Post Nap (lay)
Just to explain briefly every day on the Racing Post website there are free bets one of the daily free bets available are the Nap bets, I just happen to know from previous experience that there strike rate is terrible so what I do is lay there bet for 1 point each day.

The results for the first month was very promising with a 9.36 point profit I did only start doing this from the 12th of October so very early days


Short But Sweet
Is a free tipster as long as you are a member of Secret Betting Club the bets can be found daily on the forum it was a quite month with me starting to follow them from the 12th and they had a break through the month as well so pretty hard to judge as yet they did make a small profit but am looking forward to a full month of results.

Overpriced Tips
Was a tough old month and every time they managed to get in profit a string of losses would hit as you can see in the graph below

For some reason I am over confident with this service and struggled to resist upping my stakes however I will be holding off on that for now and hopefully a more consistent November will justify my confidence in them.
Four Golf System 1,2,3
Another poor month overall with a combined loss of 26.88 points, System 1 did get three bets that finished in the places with Chris Wood 16/1, Kevin Na20/1, and Kevin Na again the following week this time 14/1 but this wasn't eve close enough to making the month a profitable one
Sporting Life (football)
Had a bump to earth after a great month in September I was confident of another good month and after a poor start to the month with five losing bets on the bounce they quickly recovered into profit which lasted until the 24th then the profits just nose dived with loss after loss as you can see below
That's about it for October i'm sure there's many other things I can add to the monthly reviews but don't want to make them too long if theres any additional information you would like to know please feel free to leave in comments box

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Start Of The Month

So another month is quickly upon us and didn't get off to the best start with a losing day of £50.75 but am confident of another good month a few tipsters have been off form lately but a good profit was still made in October I am hopeful at least a couple of tipsters will return to form which should result in a good month

Changes In November
Not much to change at the moment however I am increasing my stakes for Short But Sweet from £5 per point to £10 per point also I am increasing my lay bet of Racing Post Nap from £5 per point to £10 per point. I was also tempted to increase my stakes for Betting Portal UK and Overpriced Tipster but will hold off for now.

I am doing some testing with a few tipsters no bets actually placed just paper betting for now to see how things go I will keep you informed if I start actually backing the tips.

Sundays Bets
 Click On Picture For Clear View
Sundays Results
Racing Post Nap +£4.75
Sporting Life +£14
Overpriced Tipster -£5
Rollover Bets -£5
Odds Checker -£20
My Bets -£20
Four Golf -£19.50
Total -£50.75
Total For Week -£185.26

Not Very Good

Saturday was a nightmare the only winning bet was a lay bet on the Racing Post Nap of the day every other bet lost, so the month finishes on a bad note with a £197.75 loss on days like this you just have to try and focus on the big picture and October was a good month with a overall profit of £602.72 but I still find these losing days very hard to take...

I didn't get a email from Betting Portal UK so not sure if there wasn't any bets or I just didn't receive it either way would rather not know the results if there was any bets

Short But Sweet, Overpriced Tipster, Rollover Bets all had one bet each and lose with Monberg River 2/1 coming the closest finishing 2nd place for Short But Sweet

Sporting Life had a busy old day with seven bets but couldn't find a winner anywhere

Odds Checker also had a busy day with  10 bets but the best they could manage was two 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes

My Football Bets had five losses I targeted the Arsenal game, Manchester Untied Game and West Ham game but had no luck this time, The one thing I am pleased with is that I didn't get involved in the Chelsea v Liverpool game I was very close to placing a few bets but I promised my self to steer clear of Chelsea at the moment as they are just too unpredictable

Lucrative Racing was my last hope with Hoblon Des Obeaux 12/1 but was well out of it finishing in 9th place

So on to November we go and a similar month to this would be more than welcome I will be doing a full review of October as soon as I can hopefully Monday/Tuesday then can get a good look at which tipsters preformed and which didn't

Saturdays Bets
Click On Picture For Clear View
Saturdays Totals
Short But Sweet -£5
Racing Post Nap +£4.75
Sporting Life -£57.50
Overpriced Tipster -£5
Rollover Bets -£5
Odds Checker -£70
My Bets -£50
Lucrative Racing -£10
Total -£197.75
Total for Week -£134.51